Digital Wayfinding: Going Technical

Mon, 24 Sep 2012 0:00:00
Wayfinder Software

Digital Wayfinding

  • Client / Server Application
  • Server handles the processing of the data, and delivering the requested content. The Client, whether it is web, mobile or kiosk, displays the requested data.

  • Turn-Key or Software Only
  • Full Development or partly DIY (Floor plan design)

Wayfinding System


A wayfinding system inside your building consists of fixed directional signage; arrows throughout the building, a directory on the wall at the entrance, maybe even colored lines on the floor indicating directions to a certain department.

Online Wayfinding Systems

Your Indoor Wayfinding Application can be offered online, for anyone to use who is connected to the internet.

The wayfinding Application will reside on your public web pages for anyone to access and you can link to it from your homepage, through a ‘directions’ button or text link.