Wayfinding Software-Mobile Web or Dedicated App

This article is about the choice of a Mobile Web App or Dedicated App for the mobile phone when it comes to choosing a wayfinding software platform for indoor environments.

Digital Wayfinding using Smart Phones

The outside world is perfectly served with the wayfinder we have in our car and with Google Maps on our Android phone. Try to imagine your life without it.

On-Site Wayfinding Systems

There are several ways to provide interactive wayfinding to your target group (patients, members, employees, business contacts, etc).

Each of them have their own value and do not replace each other necessarily. While you can opt for one option only, for some situations it seems better to offer a c...

Computing Directions

Graphical-Driven Wayfinding System: pulls up, on-request, pre-made maps with directions. This ‘cutting-corners’ technique is mostly used by developers who do not have the knowledge of ‘computing directions’ based on fastest, easiest, preferred, emergency,closed off, one-way or two-way and a...

Indoor GPS?

The large venture companies that provide us outdoor route generators haven’t bothered themselves with Indoor Wayfinding Systems just yet.

“Why is that?”, you ask.