Indoor Wayfinding; The Way

Interactive Indoor Wayfinding Systems

This should probably be one of the first articles you need to read, if you are faced with the challenge to provide an interactive wayfinding system for your building or campus, to improve the experience of ‘getting around’.

Existing Wayfinding Systems

Electronic or Digital Wayfinding Systems generate directions upon request (interactive) through a Kiosk, LCD Touchscreen, an Internet Webpage or Mobile Device.

To get a good idea of where we are heading with indoor interactive wayfinding, it is a good to look at where we are now with the existing...

Wayfinding Introduction

Whats up with the growing interest in Indoor Interactive Wayfinding?

The demand was always there.

HospitalOlder buildings were built with practicality and functionality in mind. Static wayfinding signs help to get around, but can’t solve the problem completely, but it was all there was. Now those comp...