Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals

Visitors to a Hospital often are already in some state of anxiety and being in an unfamiliar environment and not knowing where to go, only adds to it. Added stress that can disrupt many aspects of the visit and not in the least be a threat to the wellbeing to some of the visitors. A good Digital Wayfinding system has other advantages as well, think about a more regulated flow because there will be less time lost with finding the destination. Furthermore, staff can focus more on their actual tasks as there will be less questions of visitors who don’t know where to go.

Here2there’s Digital Wayfinding can be offered On-Site at the hospital, through touch screen LCD’s or Kiosks, On-line connected to the hospitals’ web site, and on any Smart Phone or Mobile device. A central management system updates all output devices at once.

Digital Wayfinding offers the visitors to the hospital to see instantly where they are, in relation to the lay-out of the building. The visitor selects the destination, choosing from a department name, room number or contact person and the Digital Wayfinding System displays the route, from start to finish, with a directional line. The directions can be printed and taken along the way.

Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals is based on GSA’s own proprietary data-driven engine. This means that self-management after delivery can be done with any PC, provided with the Back-Office application. Think about, temporarily closing off hallways due to construction and the wayfinding system will re-route all requested directions automatically. Changing the location of departments, rooms or contact people, is easily done with the right-click of the mouse.

GSA has made Here2There Digital Wayfinding to be a turn-key solution, where the hospital can control its own upkeep. This allows the digital wayfinding system to keep pace with the real wayfinding situation in the hospital and stay in sync at all times. Access to a back-office application can be protected by privileges and changes can be planned to go into effect, in the future.

Here2There Wayfinding can be easily integrated in any, already present, digital signage system. It can also be connected to hospitals’ own software systems or its subsidiaries, to provide instant directions at the moment an appointment with a physician is made. The always current information can be as detailed as where to park when arriving at the hospital.

Digital Wayfinding is part of the Digital Signage family, where content can be controlled remotely and changes are immediately updated. This means that other information can be published on the displays as well and can also be updated at any time, like an events list, times of operation and meeting room schedules.

Here2There is a product of Global Software Applications (GSA). GSA has developed self-service applications in the USA since 2001 and serves hundreds of customers in North America. Some of its products are SurferQuest (PCI compliant kiosk software), Flight Time TV (broadcast live flight status information straight into guest-rooms of the hospitality) and Print Boarding Pass.


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