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Where Am I?

A good wayfinding system shows clearly, and to-the-point:

  1. Where am I
  2. Select destination
  3. How do I get there

Where am I?

1. You Are Here!

‘You Are Here!’ needs to be the first thing that draws the attention. Represented as a blinking dot or otherwise clear indicator on the map of your building.

By showing the visitors’ location in relationship to the rest of the building, you ease the visitors’ senses. Lessening the visitors’ anxiety is the psychological objective of this first screen.

The practical objective is also accomplished, because to know where we are going, we first need to know where we are.

Do not overcrowd the map by mentioning all possible destinations on the map itself. If you have a lot of destinations, just mark and mention the key-locations.

Mark all public facilities, stairways and elevators on the map by way of icons. Use recognizable icons. Here is a good list.


2. Select destination

The Navigation panel: Usually Search by Department and / or Search by Contact person. A HELP , FAQ and GO BACK button completes the set.

Search department or Contact person and the route is being generated.


3. Directions

A map, with a directional line between the starting point and end-destination is published on the screen.

This directional line should be prominently present. Must be the first thing you notice when the screen shows up.

The graphical directional line is sometimes accompanied by verbiage providing directions in text. It adds to the clarity.

The visitor can print the directions and take it along for reference.

If it is a large building and no printing is provided, it is recommended to compensate with additional Kiosks/LCD’s along the route.
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