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Top 10 Reasons to Consider Mobile Wayfinding

1. Ability to make instant updates, providing the latest maps and directions to the audience.

2. Happy customers, by providing instant directions to everything your facility has to offer (Departments, Stores, Staff, Products, etc.), but also to restrooms, fire extinguishers, emergency exits.

3. The Building or Campus is a challenge to navigate

4. Provide directions for everyone – including those with a mobility impairment who require wheelchair accessible routes.

5. Offer different routes for different target groups. Example: display routes for Visitors or Staff-Only, or show routes based on Clearance levels.

6. Online availability of floor maps of the building. Think about public services like Police and Fire crew who can instantly pull up the wayfinding app up on their Mobile.

7. Suggest the use of preferred routes (Example: routes that keep students in the campus zone, avoiding unsafe areas)

8. Activate alternate routes: like snow-routes, move-in routes, traffic routes to parking lots for sport events, evacuation routes, immediately or on a schedule.

9. Create additional services, like tours, around the mobile wayfinding application.

10. Provide temporary routes (Detours). Example: Building (Campus) is under construction, causing departments/classes to temporary relocate.

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