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Wayfinding Software-Mobile Web or Ded...

Wayfinding Software-Mobile Web or Dedicated App

Wayfinding Software – Mobile Web Vs Dedicated App This article is about the choice of a Mobile Web App or Dedicated App for the mobile phone when it comes to choosing a wayfinding software platform for indoor environments. At first sight there seems to be no difference. In some way, they both will do the job, which is providing a […]

Digital Wayfinding using Smart Phones

Digital Wayfinding using Smart Phones

The outside world is perfectly served with the wayfinder we have in our car and with Google Maps on our Android phone. Try to imagine your life without it. Indoor it is a different story. For a manageable solution that offers routes, enough detail and tools and where you are the boss over the advertisements, you […]

Where Things Are

Where Things Are

Digital Wayfinding: Where Things Are The Intimidation Wears Off More and more are we getting used to the Mobile Personal Computer a.k.a. Smart-Phone. In fact, with some people it has already grown into an additional limb. We call, we chat, we update our status and message each other all day long.  Being the social animals that we […]

Digital Wayfinding 2013: Value Vs Cos...

Digital Wayfinding 2013: Value Vs Cost

First, let’s bust a couple of myths surrounding the Digital Wayfinding Application cost (with your permission, Adam and Jamie). It is expensive to Create a Digital Wayfinding System… Not True. A one-building hospital can have a Digital Wayfinding System for around US$25k. That includes a Wayfinding Application on a Kiosk and a Wayfinding Application on the […]

Digital Wayfinding: Kiosk, Web or Mob...

Digital Wayfinding: Kiosk, Web or Mobile?

One of the questions I frequently receive : What is the best way to display the Digital Wayfinding Application? On a Kiosk, the Web or on a Mobile Phone? This is indeed a very good question because everyone wants the investment to pay off. To be as effective as possible. In Digital Wayfinding terms: The Wayfinding […]

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Mobile Way...

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Mobile Wayfinding

1. Ability to make instant updates, providing the latest maps and directions to the audience. 2. Happy customers, by providing instant directions to everything your facility has to offer (Departments, Stores, Staff, Products, etc.), but also to restrooms, fire extinguishers, emergency exits. 3. The Building or Campus is a challenge to navigate 4. Provide directions for everyone […]

Mobile Wayfinding on Campus

Mobile Wayfinding on Campus

[A question from one of the readers] Dear Ron, Sorry to bother you again but I found something very interesting on your site with regards to “on campus mobile wayfinding used for smart phones, for indoor and outdoor usage” would you able to be more specific and maybe even give me the name of the application […]

Mobile Wayfinding on University and C...

Mobile Wayfinding on University and College Campuses

State College-PA, Aug. 26, 2011 With all the important on-campus locations and directions at hand, simply choose your destination, Indoor or Outdoor. The here2there mobile wayfinder will generate and publish the directions on request. Just stepped off the bus and need to get directions to English Class? The mobile wayfinder can do that. What if […]

Mobile Wayfinding PDF

Mobile Wayfinding PDF

Mobile Wayfinding for Hospitals, Universities, Malls and Airports. View or Download (right-click : save as) Phone: USA 814 – 342 – 3120

Mobile Wayfinding Screenshots

Mobile Wayfinding Screenshots

Interactive Map: Now offering 3 ways to find a direction: Through directory Through Interactive Map Manual Search (Includes auto fill) Other notable facts: 20,000 directions 508 Compliant Alternate accessible directions Text only version for Text-2-Speech Working on certification by NFB Mobile Wayfinding:

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