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Digital Wayfinding using Smart Phones

Digital Wayfinding using Smart Phones
The outside world is perfectly served with the wayfinder we have in our car and with Google Maps on our Android phone. Try to imagine your life without it. Indoor it is a different story. For a manageable solution that offers routes, enough detail and tools and where you are the boss over the advertisements, you have to turn to a digital wayf [...]

Digital Wayfinding 2013: Value Vs Cos...

Digital Wayfinding 2013: Value Vs Cost
First, let’s bust a couple of myths surrounding the Digital Wayfinding Application cost (with your permission, Adam and Jamie). It is expensive to Create a Digital Wayfinding System… Not True. A one-building hospital can have a Digital Wayfinding System for around US$25k. That includes a Wayfinding Application on a Kiosk and a Wa [...]

Digital Wayfinding: Kiosk, Web or Mob...

Digital Wayfinding: Kiosk, Web or Mobile?
One of the questions I frequently receive : What is the best way to display the Digital Wayfinding Application? On a Kiosk, the Web or on a Mobile Phone? This is indeed a very good question because everyone wants the investment to pay off. To be as effective as possible. In Digital Wayfinding terms: The Wayfinding Application should be able [...]

Indoor Digital Wayfinding 2012: Round...

Indoor Digital Wayfinding 2012: Round Trip
State College, April 3rd, 2012 Indoor Digital Wayfinding 2012 “Round Trip” Wayfinding has been the domain of traditional static wayfinding signage since the beginning of times. “Has been”, as in the last decade, digital wayfinding for outdoor environments initiated a very successful new way of wayfinding. First in the [...]

Digital Signage / Wayfinding Presenta...

Digital Signage / Wayfinding Presentation
Digital Signage / Wayfinding Presentation. View or Download (right-click : save as) Phone: USA 814 – 342 – 3120

Live Demo

Live Demo
Wayfinding Project for Web access, completed for Temple University: Features over 20,000 directions: Room to Room Search by directory or manual entry. Directories: By Alphabet Departments Buildings Student Residences Parking Lots Bus Stops Subway and Train stations Alternate accessible directions Web [...]

Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals

Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals
Visitors to a Hospital often are already in some state of anxiety and being in an unfamiliar environment and not knowing where to go, only adds to it. Added stress that can disrupt many aspects of the visit and not in the least be a threat to the wellbeing to some of the visitors. A good Digital Wayfinding system has other advantages as well, [...]

Kiosk or Touch screen LCD?

Kiosk or Touch screen LCD?
Indoor Digital Wayfinding System: Kiosk or Touch Screen LCD? Touch Screen LCD Here is why: 1. A LCD screen is typically larger than the display offered on a kiosk. With a lot of room to play with on a LCD, the content is more spread around, causing it to have a lot more white-space (rest-areas). Without losing a lot of white-space, more conte [...]

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