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Mobile Wayfinding on University and College Campuses

State College-PA, Aug. 26, 2011

With all the important on-campus locations and directions at hand, simply choose your destination, Indoor or Outdoor. The here2there mobile wayfinder will generate and publish the directions on request.

Just stepped off the bus and need to get directions to English Class?
The mobile wayfinder can do that.

What if you just parked your car and need to know the quickest way to get from the parking lot to a department in the Arts building, all the way across campus?
Correct, the mobile wayfinder can do just that.

In a nutshell, Here2there Digital Wayfinding instantly provides location-to-location directions, on-demand, indoor or outdoor.

Just as Google Maps, the on-campus mobile wayfinder provides text-directions and a graphically directional line on the indoor and/or outdoor maps. Users can specify accessible directions and the visually-impaired can utilize the text-2-speech feature to have step-by-step directions spoken to them.

The wayfinding system can be accessed on-campus, right there where you need it most, or you can generate, print, or e-mail directions for yourself or someone else, for later reference.

The mobile wayfinding application runs on all common “smart-phone” platforms.


Here2There’s interactive wayfinding applications are data-driven. Compared with graphically-driven wayfinding applications, data-driven wayfinding engines provide a flexible and easily expandable system.

An intuitive, easy-to-use Back-Office application lets you quickly update the mobile wayfinding system, keeping it up-to-par with real-life situations.


Turn a two-way street into a one-way with a mouse click and all the directions on the front-end update immediately.

Close off a hallway due to construction and, subsequently, all inquired routes will have this change in mind.

Make special occasion/situation routes, such as ‘move-in day’, ‘snow-routes’, ‘evacuation routes’ and trigger them for immediate display when needed.

Or simply change the name of a room or department, move it, cancel it, or make a new one.

Here2There is also available for Hospitals, Malls, Airports, Cemeteries, Visitor centers and Casinos, to name a few.

Here2There was developed by Global Software Applications LLC, the creators of SurferQuest public computer software and Flight Time TV, real-time airport status information for the hospitality.


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