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Hospital Grade

or Medical Grade

Medical Center installation by H2T

Pertaining an LCD Touch Screen for visitors, indoors, where they can find directions to their destination, through an interactive wayfinding system.

  • No cracks in the material
  • Can be cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner

No Cracks

An LCD with no cracks prevents dirt accumulation where bacteria and microbes could nest and fester.


The LCD needs to be suited to be cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner.

NEMA 4 KIOSK Industrial Grade

A normal LCD display (TV) is not Hospital Grade. We have to go down the list of NEMA specifications to find the commonly used NEMA 4 LCD. It is fit to be used outdoors, which means it is resistant to splashing water and other weather elements. It can’t withstand direct exposure, but for our indoor wayfinding purpose it’s perfect.

If you look to offer a Wayfinding LCD outdoors, for example in the parking garage, NEMA 4 would still work, since there is no direct exposure to the elements.


There are couple of options to mount the LCD:

  1. Mount LCD on the wall using a VESA mount
  2. Mount LCD on a LCD stand
  3. Recessed into the wall

Actually, there is only one choice

  1. Mount LCD on the wall using a VESA mount
  2. Mount LCD on a LCD stand
  3. Recessed into the wall

Here is why

The more exposed material there is, the more it conflicts with the whole idea of ‘Hospital Grade’. We use a splash resistant LCD (NEMA 4) to not only prevent water to seep into the electronics but also to minimize areas where bacteria and microbes can find there home. Mounting the LCD with a wall mount or putting it on a stand just increases the exposed material and potentially the number of cracks again.

I understand that sometimes there is no choice because there simply is no room to install it flush into the wall. The whole idea of this article is to make you consistent in your thought process and look for the ideal situation first, always keeping the objectives in mind. Then, if you have to be creative because of certain restrictions, you will still make the best possible decision.
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