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Electronic Wayfinding: Components

Components of  Electronic Wayfinding System

  • Front-End Application
  • Back-End Application
  • Back-Office Application

Front-End Application

This is the runtime version of the wayfinding system’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) that resides on the Kiosk or Webpage. It looks sharp, well-designed and easy to understand for the user.

Under-the-Hood however, it only shows the rough lay-out of the GUI and a bunch of links to the database. Rather then to put information in this GUI as constant objects, it makes it easier to maintain and update, if the variable information is pulled from a central server (database) through links.

Back-End Application

Database and Engine of the route-generator. Has to be hosted on a server On-site or Off-site, on the internet or intranet. All wayfinding kiosks connect to this central storage unit and pull the latest updated information. Simple wayfinding applications do not need a database structure and can suffice with pulling the info from XML’s.

Even if you have all three versions of a wayfinding system (On-site kiosks, Online Webpage, Mobile wayfinding); one change updates all.


A stand-alone application for the admin(s) who will manage the application. It connects straight to the database and allows for updating the various components of information that are involved with upkeep of the electronic wayfinding system. From changes in ‘appearance’ (GUI), adding languages, moving or adding departments, staff, teachers, physicians, adding or changing the floor layout, closing off a hallway, changing a road on campus into one-way, setting and storing alternate routes for later use, etc.
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