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Top 10 Reasons to Consider Mobile Way...

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Mobile Wayfinding

1. Ability to make instant updates, providing the latest maps and directions to the audience. 2. Happy customers, by providing instant directions to everything your facility has to offer (Departments, Stores, Staff, Products, etc.), but also to restrooms, fire extinguishers, emergency exits. 3. The Building or Campus is a challenge to navigate 4. Provide directions for everyone […]

Indoor Digital Wayfinding 2012: Round...

Indoor Digital Wayfinding 2012: Round Trip

State College, April 3rd, 2012 Indoor Digital Wayfinding 2012 “Round Trip” Wayfinding has been the domain of traditional static wayfinding signage since the beginning of times. “Has been”, as in the last decade, digital wayfinding for outdoor environments initiated a very successful new way of wayfinding. First in the form of a wayfinder device in the car, and well, […]

Mobile Wayfinding on University and C...

Mobile Wayfinding on University and College Campuses

State College-PA, Aug. 26, 2011 With all the important on-campus locations and directions at hand, simply choose your destination, Indoor or Outdoor. The here2there mobile wayfinder will generate and publish the directions on request. Just stepped off the bus and need to get directions to English Class? The mobile wayfinder can do that. What if […]

Will Digital Signage solve the ongoin...

Will Digital Signage solve the ongoing wayfinding issues in Hospitals?

(August 17-2011, State College PA, USA) It is often jokingly said that the national symbol for a hospital is ‘the Crane’. To keep up with regulations and service levels many hospitals appear to be in a constant state of re-organization. While hospitals make an excellent effort in keeping this as unnoticeable as possible for their […]

Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals

Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals

Visitors to a Hospital often are already in some state of anxiety and being in an unfamiliar environment and not knowing where to go, only adds to it. Added stress that can disrupt many aspects of the visit and not in the least be a threat to the wellbeing to some of the visitors. A […]

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